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Accident Investigation

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Managers, leaders, trainers, health and safety officers and anyone involved in health and safety training and/or procedures. This session will give participants the necessary information and skills to enable them to carry out a thorough and effective accident investigation.


Training Course Materials Contents:

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Providing participants with the necessary information and skills, to reach the right conclusions, make effective, practical recommendations and thereby make a significant contribution to improving workplace health and safety.

Accidents & Accident Causation - If an organisation does not properly control risks, the outcome of an accident often depends on chance. Because the outcome of an accident cannot be accurately predicted, the only way to effectively reduce accidents is by controlling the underlying causes of all the different accident types.

Accident Reporting Process - Reporting of Injuries, Diseases & Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995 (RIDDOR)

The Process - You have 2 top priorities when you are first notified of an accident. The first is to the injured person to ensure that appropriate medical attention is available. The second priority is then to ensure that the area is made safe to ensure no other persons are injured

Accident Investigation - Every employer has a Moral, Legal & Economic obligation to protect the health and safety of employees while at work

The Cause of Accidents - During an accident investigation you will be looking for the unsafe acts and the unsafe conditions which contributed to the accident. If you carry out the investigation effectively then you will find the root cause or causes of the accident

Facts to be Collated - When you conduct an accident investigation you should be seeking to obtain information on unsafe acts, unsafe conditions, immediate failures and latent failures. To find out these various elements of the accident you need to ask the questions who, where, when, and what, which will give you details of the event

Reaching Conclusion - Identifying all the failure modes, satisfy all the answers to what, where, why, who etc., and thus identify all the causes of the accident

Review of Session - Creating an action plan to embed learning.


Training Course Objectives:

At the end of this session your participants will be able to:

  • Describe and implement Accident Investigation Procedures
  • State the reasons for accident investigations
  • Identify all the potential sources of information
  • Describe and demonstrate an ability to reach sound conclusions
  • Explain and demonstrate an ability to reach practical, effective recommendations and communicate these effectively

Please note: The legal explanations in this course are based on United Kingdom examples. However, the materials can easily be adapted to include other countries data.

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