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Anyone that coaches. In particular, this training course is useful for coaches that would like to add an extra dimension to their coaching sessions and offer advanced developmental solutions. It is not necessary to have a complete knowledge of NLP to deliver or use the skills provided within this course.

These training materials will help develop the coaching skills of anyone that coaches people and ensure you deliver a successful coaching skills training course.



Training Material

All the training materials necessary to run your own NLP Coaching Skills course:

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NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is known as the art and science of personal excellence. It is based on the practical skills that are used by all good communicators to obtain excellent results. These skills are invaluable for personal and professional development and by using NLP in coaching we can encourage faster results that stick.

This session will provide your participants with the skills necessary to improve their performance as a coach, whilst giving them a sound understanding of how to get the best out of people through the use of well established NLP techniques.

NLP Presuppositions - Providing the participants with a clear understanding of the basic assumptions of NLP

What is NLP? - A thorough investigation of the art of NLP Coaching with plenty of activities, exercises and discussion based learning. Here we review values and beliefs and ensure that the coaching session is prefaced with clear and well-formed outcomes

Rapport - Establishing rapport is absolutely critical to an effective coaching session. This section provides advice on achieving it

NLP Coaching Techniques:

Representational Systems - A look at how we process information and 'map our world' and how to ensure that you relate to the coachee in a way that suits them using Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic language patterns.

Meta Programmes - Reviewing six key meta programmes and developing methods of utilising our knowledge of these in a coaching environment

The Circle of Excellence - Understanding and practicing this method of anchoring positive thoughts and using it to help the coachee get the best out of themselves as and when required

Reframing - Using this technique to turn a coachees negative beliefs around and use them to create positive beliefs

Presuppositions - Using presupposition statements to develop a positive thought process for the coachee.

Negative Presuppositions - Identifying these in the language that the coachee uses in order to reframe them and help phase them out. Also placing an emphasis on the importance of removing negative language from our own conversations to ensure we do not endorse negative thinking

NLP Coaching Model - A set process of NLP Coaching to follow; with a chance to practice what has been learnt throughout the session in a safe environment.



At the end of this NLP Coaching Skills training course your participants will be able to:

  • Define what NLP Coaching is and how it relates to values and beliefs
  • Help a Coachee develop well-formed outcomes that work
  • Follow core techniques and tools for NLP success in coaching
  • Construct and run an effective NLP Coaching Session

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GBP £98.00


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