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Emotional Intelligence at Work

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With greater self awareness of their emotions and the ability to empathise and understand other people's emotional state, your team will perform better in the workplace. In other words being emotionally intelligent makes a real difference to performance and, therefore, profit.

Emotional intelligence training is not just a desirable 'soft skill'. In fact, research indicates that emotional intelligence can be a better indicator of workplace performance than IQ. It gives you very real and concrete benefits and should be an essential element of any staff development programme:

  • Managers and supervisors are better able to maintain a positive work environment.
  • Sales and buying staff are better able to influence outcomes in your favour, particularly when handling difficult prospects or tough negotiations.
  • Customer facing personnel are better equipped to handle conflict and to make all customers feel like they are being listened to and understood – this has a positive affect on customer loyalty and retention.
  • Staff in general are better equipped to handle the ever-increasing pressures of a modern workplace.

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Emotional Intelligence Training Course Details:

Duration: One day.

Intended for:

Emotional intelligence affects us all, whether we’re constantly working in collaboration with others or individually on projects. So this course would be suitable for everyone in your organisation, but particularly those that have to interact with others on a regular basis.


Training Material

All the training materials necessary to run your own emotional intelligence training course:

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As well as the usual contents of Trainer Bubble Training Packs, you will also receive a pre-course work document.

This session sets out to provide your participants with the fundamental knowledge required to develop their awareness of EI and in doing so help them to perform more effectively.

This session is based on the 5 domains of Emotional Intelligence:

What is Emotional Intelligence? - A set up to the session, which explains what EI is and its role in improving performance in the workplace.

Self-Awareness - Understanding how self-aware participants currently are, reviewing the value of self-awareness and providing an opportunity to develop this.

Self-Management - Appreciating that we manage ourselves based on our values, attitudes and beliefs. Looking at methods of improving self-management and overcoming negative 'self-talk'.

Self-Motivation - A look at how personal goals drive our self-motivation, how our beliefs, values and attitudes can affect our motivation and some valuable techniques for personal improvement.

Empathy - Helping participants appreciate the need for empathy and providing the methods for doing it.

Handling Relationships - Bringing the previous skills together to become 'socially intelligent'. Looking at real life situations and how emotional intelligence plays a part. Finally; reviewing ways of further improving relationships using emotional intelligence.

It is important to emphasise that this session is interactive and although some elements of the session may come across as 'dry', the content allows you to deliver it in such a way that participants are constantly involved and active.



At the end of this training course, your participants will be able to:

  • Be aware of emotions and the impact they have on their performance
  • Recognise and understand emotions in others and how to adapt their behaviour to suit
  • Regulate their emotions and so enhance performance
  • Handle and inspire emotion in others

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Emotionally intelligent people are more productive and effective. So go with your heart and buy the professional training materials you need to run an effective course.

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