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These Equality Act 2010 training course materials can be used to train anyone at work. They are especially useful for team leaders, supervisors, managers, HR people and anyone else involved in the management of people or organisations.



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Whatever our role within an organisation, we need to know about equality. An employer may be small or large - equality law still applies. Whatever the sector an organisation is in or whatever the type of systems and processes it uses, equality issues are all around.

The focus on equality issues is sharpened by the implementation of the Equality Act 2010 which is effective from 1st October 2010. All employers and employees have legal obligations under the Equality Act. Of course, embracing all of the changes brought about by the Act are employers of choice - those forward thinking businesses that recognise the benefits to everyone of showing respect and dealing with issues openly and fairly at work.

The course materials have been designed to assist with achieving an understanding of how the Equality Act 2010 and equality issues in general affect every day lives in the workplace. Using exercises and factual information, it examines the context of the Act, the devil in the detail and real life application. Participants will take away a practical model to enable them to assess equality back at base.

Introduction to the Equality Act 2010 - we provide a brief overview of the Act and its application.

Purpose of the Act - outlined here are the protected characteristics and types of discrimination that will be examined in more detail later.

Background - we look in detail at the historical context for the Act, how it came about and how it might take shape in the future.

Types of Discrimination - we summarise the different types of unfair discrimination that the Act introduces.

Protected Characteristics - using examples where necessary, the detail of the protected characteristics is examined in all its complexity.

What Else - time is spent in this section considering other important effects of the Act that are sometimes overlooked.

When Unfairness Arises - Employers - the role of the Employment Tribunal is detailed here, along with that of the grievance procedure, giving participants the opportunity to consider their own employer's procedure, if applicable.

When Unfairness Arises - Others - we look here at situations of unfairness that may arise at work but which are not the responsibility of the employer.

Planning - this practical section introduced the ACAS model of review-monitor-act that can be used to assess an employer's equality policy and action plan for improvement, where this is necessary.

Conclusions - we complete the course with some interesting facts and figures about how well the UK is doing on equality and what the future may hold.



This Equality Act 2010 training course will enable your participants to:

  • recognise the key features and context of the Equality Act 2010
  • describe the types of discrimination and various protected characteristics
  • identify the impact of the Equality Act on colleagues, on your organisation and on working life
  • create a brief plan to review equality in your workplace which outlines necessary measures for improvement.

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