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The ability to communicate effectively is essential in business. However, our ability to communicate well is seriously undermined if this is not underpinned by good listening skills.

The ability to listen effectively is so important that it is worthy of a training session in its own right.

This half day session can be used as a stand-alone programme or can be used within a wider programme where listening skills are important. It provides participants with basic but effective techniques to ensure that they listen effectively on a consistent basis.



Training Material

All the training materials necessary to run your own listening skills course:

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Why are listening skills important? - Participants discuss why good listening skills are so important.

Hearing and Listening - We consider the difference between hearing and listening

Sweet Tasty Orange - Participants take part in a lively activity to help demonstrate some of the key reasons why we can fail to listen effectively

Simple Listening Technique - Participants are provided with a simple and effective approach to effective listening.

Types of Information - This builds on the simple listening technique by considering the three types of information we will hear if we listen effectively.

Listening Activity - Participants pair up and are given the opportunity to practice the simple listening technique and receive and provide feedback to each other.



During this listening skills training workshop participants will be given the tools to: 

  • Explain why listening skills are important
  • Identify key reasons why we can fail to listen effectively
  • Adopt simple techniques they can always use to ensure that they listen effectively

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GBP £41.00


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