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A recent report from Henley Management College suggests that a third of all e-mail is not necessary. It has also been suggested that managers spend an average of 2 hours per day dealing with e-mail. If this is true, a lot of this is wasted time.

This short training course is aimed at anyone who receives a lot of e-mail and is designed to help them manage this so that they can make effective use of their time.



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E-Mail Questionnaire - Participants complete a short questionnaire to help them evaluate whether they have an e-mail problem that needs managing.

Cutting Down - In this section participants consider ways of cutting down the amount of e-mail they receive

Managing E-Mail - Participants are presented with ideas on how they can manage their incoming e-mail. They then evaluate these by considering which of these ideas they can make practical use of.



By the end of this Managing Emails training course your participants will be able to:

  • Control when they read their e-mail so that it is not a constant source of interruption
  • Manage their incoming e-mail so that they spend the minimum amount of time required to deal with it effectively
  • Take action to reduce the number of unnecessary e-mails they receive.

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