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Meetings do not always enjoy a particularly good reputation. In many organisations they are notorious timewasters and are often unproductive. This is often because participants of meetings fail to follow a few simple ground rules. This is partly because we provide training for the people leading the meetings, but don''t always train the other participants.

This short workshop is not aimed at those people leading meetings but will help you provide the necessary training to its participants.



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Reputation of meetings - Participants consider the reputation of meetings and the reasons for that reputation. They then briefly look at the fundamentals of effective meetings before going on to look at these in more detail throughout the rest of programme

Reasons to meet - Participants consider reasons for holding meetings and the alternatives available. They then discuss what to do if they are invited to a meeting they do not think is necessary.

Meeting Objectives and Agendas - They discuss the importance of meeting objectives and agendas. Participants are also encouraged to consider their responsibilities when asked to submit agenda items.

Meeting Ground Rules- This is arguably the most important section of the programme. Participants start by considering the behaviours that have the effect of undermining meetings. They then move on to discuss the ground rules they will be following to ensure that they do not engage in these behaviours themselves

Meeting Obstacles - Participants close by identifying and discussing how to handle the potential obstacles to them implementing the ideas discussed during the workshop.



By the end of this participating in meetings training course your participants will be able to:

  • Prepare effectively for the meetings they attend.
  • Participate effectively in meetings by following a few simple ground rules.

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