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Bespoke Materials - Training Resources developed for you

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Hopefully you will have found the perfect training course, team activity, training game, exercise or tool in our product section. However, if you have a requirement that is not covered by our listed training resources, please contact us with your request.

Trainer Bubble have vast experience in analysing training needs and creating materials to suit any given training intervention.

Although our listed materials suit most training scenarios, when we create bespoke materials we strive to find the solution to best suit our customer needs and will develop materials based on your vision rather than try and find a fit with anything we already offer.

Our experience in the design of learning and development content is vast and we have helped many businesses define, scope and develop training materials and resources. These businesses include; IBM, Sunsail, Fortis Insurance, Post Office, Royal Mail, NHS, Verizon Wireless, Thermo Fisher, HBOS, Levi Strauss, various local councils and many more.

We feel that the key to good training with lasting results is strong communication from consultation to review, and most of all……we listen.

Please use the following as a guide to our pricing structure when we create bespoke training materials for our clients. However, we would welcome an email to our sales team to discuss your specific training development needs.

£300 per day design fees with 6 days expected to design a one day session = £1800

We do offer discounts if we can then sell these materials on our website and this could reduce the cost to £1200 for a one day training programme.

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