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Our free training resources section contains hundreds of free energisers, icebreakers, training resources, fun training ideas and training documents that you can easily download and use for any training and development requirement.

As we now have so many free training resources we have had to structure our free section quite carefully and although this means you have a fantastic collection of training games and resources to choose from, it also means that it can be quite difficult to find what you need. You might find it useful to use our search facility on the left of this page to find the free training resource you want. For instance, if you are looking for an energiser or training game on negotiation, you could type 'negotiation' into the search box and it will list all the resources with that topic mentioned.

Another approach you can take is to go to the relevant free section and keep an eye out for the headings of each area. These provide an indication of the use of each resource. For instance, in our energiser section there are headings for, 'Attention and Focus', 'Communication' etc., which helps you identify the training use.

This is how to download our free resources...

1. Select the section that you want a free training resource in i.e. energisers, training games, icebreakers etc.

2. You will be presented with a collection of images with the free resource title listed underneath. Select the one you want.

3. You will now be viewing the synopsis of the specific free training resource.

4. At the bottom of the page is a blue 'Download Now' button. Click this and the resource will open in the relevant format.

5. Save the training game, energiser, icebreaker or resource to your computer, edit and alter to your needs and print off to use.

6. Sign Up to our newsletter and be informed when we add new energisers, icebreakers, training games, and training resources.

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