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Comments About Our Training Resources & Training Courses

Our training course materials and learning resources have been enjoyed by many organisations around the world. Here is just a small selection of companies we have worked with...

 training testimonials


"I have ordered already and received my stuff and absolutely LOVE it! Will definitely be ordering loads more. You made my life so much easier." KM - South Africa

"Thanks a million love your courses." LI - Scotland

"It is always a good experience working with you." MS - USA

"You have been more than helpful and I really appreciate your efforts on my behalf - amazing to have received so much valuable training material by a request made through one e-mail only." YT - Italy

"Thanks – impressive Customer Service – Hats off to you! The training materials are outstanding! I am very pleased!" AG - USA

"Thank you for your quick delivery of the Ultimate Trainer package we recently purchased from you, we’ve reviewed the materials and they look fantastic." CD - Skipton

"Trainer Bubble is a great resource - love it!!" LP - Ringwood

"Appreciate your quick response and willingness to go the extra mile to serve customer. The initial experience of being served is just WOW ! The training material we have chosen is also great!" SP - Mumbai

"I'm writing this e-mail to thank you all about your site. Im starting my carrer as a trainer / consultant, and your site will without a doubt one of my main training materials reference. I tried one of your free training sample (Training Skills) and it was GREAT, just GREAT. I`ve never seem such a good material for free at internet." RSR - Brazil

"I also bought from you the Participating in Meetings training session and ran this a couple of weeks ago. It went down really well with the group of people I was training, these were mainly mature in years with a limited academic education. The session took some of them into the Blooms affective area of learning which few have previously experienced it was a pleasure to be part of!" GB - Leeds

"We have been very satisfied with the service and the products that you have provided and hope to be able to purchase more as required." BA - Lewisham

"Thanks again for your fantastic customer service...Your customer service and communications could teach other companies a thing or two!" SS - Huddersfield

"Love your stuff. Well thought out and appropriately priced." NP - London

"Thanks so much. The training materials are wonderful." VB - Yuma County

"Been great to interact with a very professional individual and organization. I look forward to using the training material well and to many more from trainerbubble. KI - Mumbai

"I have just purchased one of your Trainer Bubble 1 hour training sessions. What an amazing website. Thank you so much for the free games etc." LC - Rotherham

"Your customer service is excellent. Many thanks again for your work." SC - Guildford

"What wonderful service!" CH - USA

"I also wanted to let you know that I’ve found your learning materials to be of a very good quality. I particularly like the workplace bullying course. I’ve built a number of Equal Opportunity and Bullying courses over the years for a number of large organisations and this is the best material I’ve seen. Most organisations I’ve worked with seem to focus only on how to cover their legal obligations with little or no regards to the impact on the victim of bullying and the larger picture across the organisation. I found Trainer Bubble’s material to be thorough and very well written" JA - Australia

"We are so very pleased with the great Assertiveness in action programme...thank you once again, we are delighted with the training packs and the support you have given us to access them." LS - Cardiff

"Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace has been a real winner with many of my clients. I enjoy teaching the content and the practical nature of the course lends itself to strong learner engagement. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from many of the learners who have participated in this programme. Thank you Trainer Bubble." SS - Australia

"I have recently been delivering your stress training programme and just wanted to say that I think the package is excellent, really easy to use and good value for money!" LH - Manchester

"I have just downloaded the 1 hour session on Meetings Ground Rules and want to say how excellent and helpful this is. The quality of your materials are excellent, user friendly and concise. As an HR Generalist who also designs and delivers training your materials help me enormously. Development is not my specialist subject, although I am qualified in the use of a variety of psychometric instruments, I have provided coaching and development support from some years as a result of my HR involvement with people and organisations and the information you provide suits me perfectly." PB - Devon

"Your website is amazing." MB - Australia

"I have just purchased your NLP Intro course, and I wanted to tell you that I am very happy with the material and the layout. I was a bit anxious when I read the overview on the website as you don't give any information about the course design meeting learning styles, so I took the risk. I took a gamble and bought my first course from you, and I'm over the moon. I am a Master NLP Practitioner and you have saved me a lot of work." PB - Essex

"Thanks alot for the materials I have benefited much from the materials I have been receiving." CO - Kenya

"Thank you very much and many compliments for your fantastic training material." MG - San Marino

"Firstly, thank you for sending the order through so quickly… I am always cynical when I see 'sent immediately', but you really did do what you said you would do!" LS - Darlington

"As a headmaster at a large language school in North East China, your training products have been invaluable. As I am teaching skills to non native English speaking students, I changed much of the content to make it more simplistic to understand. I rebranded the materials to match that of my company and executed the first training this week. It was met with a very positive response. I have now purchased a further seven courses and will begin advertising to middle and senior managers in local Chinese companies. A thoroughly simple yet highly effective idea and affordable too! Thank you Trainer Bubble." KZ - China

"Just bought the influence training materials and you have saved me hours of work and I can still add my own stuff in. Thanks – grateful customer from downunder" IB- Australia

"I cant tell you the results and comments I received from your training materials, I keep recommending it to all the trainers I meet. This is well invested and your prompt service speak for itself the way you rectified the problem I had, thank you." AW - Doha

“Yet again a Fab product! You make things so easy for me! A very satisfied customer” SR - Northampton

“Your products and 'Customer Service' is 2nd to none!” KJ - Bournemouth

"The NLP training materials are excellent." GG - (East Dunbartonshire)

"Fabulous customer service – Thank you SO much. In this day and age (and being on the opposite side of the world here in New Zealand) I can't tell you how great it is to receive such fast, efficient and friendly customer service. "Thank you - Thank you -Thank you!!!" It makes the WORLD of difference." - KW - (New Zealand)

"I wanted to drop you a note to say that after receiving the information on bullying and harassment from you, I have opened the attached documents and I am very impressed with the style, detail and content contained in the documents. You have saved this organisation considerable research time and valuable resource." - LW (Wales)

"The Report Writing Skills is just what I wanted, clear, concise and has saved me several days work." - BG (UK)

"Your training pack on Telephone Sales is working really well.  Very pleased with it and will be back for more." - GH (London)

"Thanks for you prompt response.  I like your materials and continually refer trainers to your site." - MA (New South Wales, Australia)

"Just a quick word to thank you for your speed and professionalism.  I have studied the training material sent and am highly impressed." - RG (Merthyr Tydfil)

"Thank you very much, your solutions and ideas are simple and effective." - KP (South Africa)

"Thank you for your quick service. We are very impressed with the Training Bubble website and how user friendly you have made it." - LN (Bridgend)

"Thank you so much for producing such a fantastic range of training materials." - RC (Ashby De La Zouch)

"I received the training materials which look great. I've been running train the trainer courses for several years now and having this opportunity to facilitate a course that's accredited is fantastic. I also appreciate the fact that the course can be customised as I've never yet been able to run something I've not had a hand in putting together so the ability to do a bit of 'tweaking' is important for me to get my head around things and to make the training appropriate for my clients - all of whom are in the not for profit sector. On saying that this is also one of the first pre-written courses I've seen which makes total sense (to me) has a good flow and I
can't see anything that either confuses me or 'jars'. So this will be really helpful to me and my clients, many thanks."
- BC (Edinburgh)

"Thanks again for your great service. You are the first training provider I turn to when I have a project to work on! I just love the way you put your materials together and your workbooks - so easy to use." - SR (Northampton)

"The training resources you provide on Trainer Bubble have made my life so easy. I can't thank you enough." - GW (Glasgow)

"Your course was fantastic and with the added free training games I downloaded, I was really impressed." - PT (Middlesex)

“Your materials saved me a vast amount of time and effort.” – PT (London)

“The course I ran last week was a huge success, scoring 4.8 out of 5 in the Course Evaluation.” – DW

"Thanks for these materials, I was really pleased with the professional content." - RS, (London)

“Thank you for an easy and pleasant transaction.” – LI (Worcs)

“As usual, great stuff and fast response” – BC (USA)

“I not only saved myself hours of writing, but also felt that I had received real value for money. Thanks for your help."” – GJ (Cumbria)

“Super quick. Good professional content. Look forward to doing business again. Thanks” – SD (Germany)

“Good comprehensive material once again” – BB (London)

“Super material. Thank you. A pleasure to do business with” – SF (Australia)

“Excellent Service and very happy with product” – AK (Hants)

“Wow! That was quick! Thanks for good service, pleased with material” – IF (Essex)

“Forget Excellent, outstanding service received” – GB (Notts)

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