1-Hour Training Sessions from Trainer Bubble

Posted May 26th, 2017

One of the major sticking points to training in business is having the time to deliver, and when you do get the time, how to keep things exciting for your audience. Sometimes all you need is a 1 hour training session with a group and with Trainer Bubble you can discover all the materials to help you achieve this.

Take Away the Stress of Planning – The best part of purchasing ready made training course materials is that you have all the information there ready to go, dramatically reducing the time spent planning a training session.

Keep Things Short and Interesting – Our one hour course materials are designed to be short and interesting to help you keep the participants sweet. They’ll help you cover the key points in a short space of time.

Affordable and Reusable – Our training course materials are a cost effective solution that you can re-use, either as a refresher to participants you have already trained, or to new groups of people as you continue to develop your team.

At Trainer Bubble we have a wide range of course materials available, both ‘full’ course materials and the shorter 1 hour training sessions. These provide you with all the information you require to meet your development needs. For all of our training course materials, in a wide range of topics, please feel free to browse our website.


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