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Save time and money with professionally designed training course materials

Off the shelf e-learning courses

Save time and money by using our large collection of e-learning courses

Free Training Resources and Games

A huge collection of free energisers, icebreakers, training activities and more!

Training Course Materials

Save time and money with fully editable training course materials.

Off the shelf e-learning courses

E-Learning courses to suit every business. Simple solutions that work!

Free Training Resources

Free energisers, icebreakers, training game and training materials.

Affordable Training Course Materials and E-Learning Courses

Training Course Materials

Need to develop a team? But don’t have the time or knowledge to prepare professional training course materials?

Creating your own training takes time to plan, research, design, write, create and deliver an effective session.

Trainer Bubble training course materials are designed to take all that hard work away from you – allowing you to focus on delivery only. In fact, getting ready to run a training course has never been easier. Simply buy from our wide range of affordable training materials, which you can edit and add logos to – we have every major business topic.

Improve the skills and confidence of your course participants, while feeling confident you’ve delivered an accomplished and respected training course.

E-learning Courses

Want to deliver e-learning courses within your organisation? But don’t want to pay huge development fees?

With our off-the-shelf e-learning courses; you pay a simple subscription price for users, whether they’re on our great LMS or yours.

With great prices, CPD certification and a wide range of topics; adding e-learning to your learning portfolio couldn’t be any simpler.

Don’t worry, we can add our e-learning courses to all Learning Management Systems and if you don’t have one, we can provide with our feature-rich platform.

If you’d like to adapt the e-learning to suit your audience, or want to add logos and personalisation, just ask! We can help.

Free Training Resources

Want to add a bit of spice to your classroom training course or meeting? Download and use our free resources.

We have a huge collection of free training resources that you can download and use to bring a new dimension to your training courses.

Improve your training courses, check out our…

Free Training documents
Free Energiser Activities
Free Icebreaker Games
Free Training Games
Free Team Building Activities

Use as often as you like, completely free of charge.

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You guys are great.  I love all your ideas.  I haven’t moved from your wonderful website as it has given me so much training course material. You are doing a great job. – DD – Pennsylvania, USA

Of course you can write your own training courses – but sometimes you don’t have the time to do the research let alone write the content and prepare all the materials. This is where Trainer Bubble can add real value to your business. Their off-the-shelf courses save so much time and energy. Whilst you may want to make tweaks for your specific needs, their low cost will more than pay for itself in terms of the hours closer to the finished product they will get you. Trainer Bubble – I would recommend all trainers bookmark their site and refer to it before starting to write any course. You will save time and money, whilst being assured of a professional piece of learning. – GT – Group Learning & Development Manager – Listers Group Ltd.


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