Accident Investigation Training

Posted May 30th, 2017

Being able to identify risks in the workplace is important for every organisation. You should have in place a designated person who understands the issues, reviews practice and processes and is able to accurately and effectively investigate any accidents that do take place in order to prevent future incidents.

Be Proactive in Case of Emergency – If an accident does take place the staff responsible have to be proactive and look to ensure that any injured persons are provided the appropriate medical attention in the shortest amount of time possible.

Secure the Area – Once any injured people have been treated, the responsible staff must then secure the area to ensure that no further injuries take place and that the accident can be contained.

Understanding the Cause of an Accident – You can’t 100% predict the outcome of an accident, and with the variables attached, what you must do as a business is have individual’s who can make sense of an accident. By analysing all factors you can then work on how to prevent it happening again.

Plan for the Future – Once you have the data and analysis from a previous accident, your team can begin to formulate plans and processes that will prevent the same things from happening again. This coupled with promoting a culture of safety awareness within the company will help to improve your health and safety standards.

If you are looking to help your employees learn more about controlling accident risks in the workplace and how to fully investigate accidents in order to review policy and tweak your approach, we have course materials available for you. The one-day accident investigation course materials cover all aspects of accidents and accident causation.


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