Anger Management at Work

Posted May 31st, 2018

Incorporating anger management at work can be especially challenging for new employees who aren’t used to a busy work environment. These employees will show signs of stress a lot faster than their veteran colleagues but having emotional outbursts at work isn’t exactly professional. By having ways to reduce your stress and manage any work-related anger that you have, you’ll be able to make it through the work week without feeling like putting the phone down on every annoying client.

The first step in any anger management program is the desire that the individual has to change. If the individual doesn’t want to learn to be calm, no seminars, teachings, or workshops will help them. They need to learn what makes them angry, recognise those triggers, and remind themselves of their coping mechanisms.

Some of the best ways to take an upset individual out of a situation is allowing them to take a step back. In a physical conversation, this is easy. On the phone, the best thing to do is put the client on hold, or even ask your supervisor to take over.

Always take a break from the stressful situation instead of giving into impulses. Keep notes at home and near your desk to remind you of your process whenever you feel yourself getting angry. Eventually, it will become second nature for you to take a moment to breath and think things through before you say or write something that you can’t take back while you’re at work.

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