How to Become a Highly Successful Salesperson

Posted March 3rd, 2017

The sales industry is a harsh environment and if you are looking to make a career as a successful salesperson you’ll have to demonstrate a few key traits that will allow you to deal effectively with the rejection that’s inherent in the role, as well as the many different aspects of selling to a wide range of potential customers.

Be Assertive – You’ve got to be able to take control of a conversation without coming across as too forceful or arrogant. If a customer isn’t quite sure on whether to bite and sign up to your offer, you should be able to ask in a polite but firm way, asking more questions without removing the offer or losing the sale through passivity.

Be Self-Aware – If you understand your emotions and how you react in certain environments and situations you’ll be able to utilise those when selling. Look for ways to make up for negative emotions that could hinder a sale, and promote those positive aspects of your personality.

Have Empathy – In any given conversation with a potential customer you should be able to recognise their moods and emotions and be empathetic to their situation. Listen to them, and put yourself in their shoes and it will have a positive impact on your ability to build a successful relationship.

Stay Optimistic – Sales is hard work, and the majority of people you talk to aren’t going to buy from you, that’s just the odds you are working with. Each call is a blank slate, and a potential sale, so stay positive and work on getting the process right, rather than focusing on the sale itself and putting unnecessary pressure on each call.

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