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Benefits of Health and Safety Training

Posted January 30th, 2017

In any business there is always health and safety legislation to adhere to. Training your staff members to be fully aware of these, and be proactive in building a culture of health and safety awareness, is an important step that all successful business owners take.

There are a few benefits to your company if you train your staff regularly on health and safety matters, including:

Lower Your Insurance Premiums – If you can prove you have a number of managers armed with sufficient health and safety knowledge it will lower your insurance costs, as this means you are less likely to make a claim.

Increase Productivity – Staff with knowledge of health and safety will challenge processes and look at ways in which staff productivity can be improved through a lessening of health and safety problems. Certainly, absence levels and time-off will improve with less people sick or injured due to poor health and safety.

Improved Reputation – A company with a poor staff sickness record can suffer from low staff retention numbers and won’t be considered a good place to work for. This will translate in customer numbers dwindling over time as reputation threads through all parts of a company.

Legal Protection – The health of your staff is a vital component in being an ethical owner and a company that people want to work for. It does however, also offer legal protection against claims made by those inured at work, if you have proven to have put in place all adequate steps to remove or reduce the threat of accidents and injury.

If you would like to find out more about off the shelf training for health and safety in the workplace, we have some courses available for you to browse on our website.


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