Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes Experiment – Diversity & Equality

Posted June 26th, 2013

We were delighted to come across this video clip recently, which perfectly demonstrates how division occurs in society. We think it would make a wonderful clip to use during training on diversity or equality issues.

Ms. Jane Elliott’s “brown eyes, blue eyes” experiment in 1970 (the third one after her first in 1968). This “Eye of Storm” documentary was made by William Peters in 1970 for ABC News and later included in the documentary “A Class Divided” (1985), which included a class reunion (of 1984.)

The most telling moment is when Russell used “brown eyes” as a derogatory term to call John a name, only a couple of hours through. Though, the experiment was too short to allow it to get to the point when a “brown-eyes” person does so to another fellow “brown-eyes” person.

This clip would fit perfectly into any training course based around the topic of Diversity and Equality or where you need to highlight issues around Culture, Race and Religion.


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