The Business Benefits to Appreciative Inquiry

Posted July 4th, 2017

Appreciative Inquiry is a form of action research that collects and collates various stories of best practice, bringing together a well of resources to then initiate change within an organisation. Being able to improve this process could be the key to unlocking the potential for your organisation.

So, what are the benefits to your company in pursuing an approach of Appreciative Inquiry?

The first thing to note is that it provides you with the skills to accelerate change within your organisation. You can begin to focus on the clear points of creation, being proactive in your business approach, rather than reactive in eliminating elements of your business approach that you don’t like. Appreciative inquiry promotes an idea of interactive discussion within your team in a positive way. Taking a positive approach to change ensures it is more likely to stick as a cultural shift in your business and that each individual feels genuinely committed to taking action and building relationships.

Another benefit is that it looks at how previous positive experiences for the business, such as successful contracts or projects, can inspire new hope, future opportunities and new values. Overall it helps to improve staff morale, levels of engagement and communication, which all lends itself to a positive environment of productivity, effective processes and a higher retention of employees.

If you would like to put in place a system for Appreciative Inquiry within your business, that can be used to improve a number of processes that your employees undertake and to create clearer goals and strategy paths, we have the training course materials for you. Trainer Bubble has a range of off-the-shelf courses to assist you in improving a number of processes and techniques within your business, including Appreciative Inquiry techniques.


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