Top 10 Tips for Creating a Training Video

August 4th, 2023

A common question that arises from clients that use our Learning Management System to develop their own learning content is, ‘How do we get the best out of training videos?’ Of course, our preferred answer is ‘Get us to do it!’, but further than that, there are some key tips…

How to Create an E-Learning Course Using an LMS Authoring Tool

April 24th, 2023

As the demand for online education grows, more and more organisations are turning to learning management systems (LMS) authoring tools to create e-learning courses. LMS authoring tools are built-in to an LMS and allow users to simply create, publish, and manage online courses without requiring advanced technical knowledge or coding…

Simple Tips for Creating Better E-Learning

March 2nd, 2023

These days, there is a lot of discussion around e-learning. This blog is no different, we talk about the latest trends such as augmented reality as a feature of training; the way we collect and interpret data; and so forth. However, in this article, we’re bringing it back to basics….

Can E-Learning Help Us Drive a More Sustainable Future?

November 11th, 2022

E-learning and other online learning resources have seen a phenomenal increase in recent years. With the growth of technology and its dominance in modern society, it’s no surprise that more and more organisations were discovering the power of online learning as an educational tool during the mid to late 2010s….

The Benefits of Custom E-Learning

July 8th, 2022

At Trainer Bubble, we are constantly reiterating the importance of a strong corporate training program. When a training program is well-developed, regularly assessed and well put into practice, the benefits are endless. Developing your employees’ skillsets leads to increased productivity and efficiency, which in turn increases the organisation’s competitive advantage…

How to Decide Between Off-the-Shelf or Custom-Made E-Learning

February 14th, 2022

In recent years, there has been a significant shift in the approach that businesses take to training and development. Whilst classroom techniques are still used (and we at Trainer Bubble believe in their effectiveness in many instances), the use of E-Learning continues to grow as more and more organisations are…


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