Conference Calls – A Bit of Fun

Posted February 24th, 2010

I’m sure you’ve been involved in conference calls that can become somewhat mundane to say the least. Well, I’ve taken to pepping them up a little lately and thought it might add a little amusement to your day to hear about it…

We use an automated system for most of the conference calls I have to dial in to and these are set up to allow you to record your name at the start of the call. This not only introduces you at the start of the conversation i.e. ‘Andrew has joined the conference’, but also announces your departure, ‘Andrew has left the conference’. It occurred to me that this little tool could add a whole new dimension to conference calls and offer a little bit of light relief when needed.

I have started the idea off simply and recently made sure that I logged into the call early so that nobody heard the introduction. Then half way through a particular heated discussion where I felt we were going round in circles, I hung up the phone. Now, of course I wasn’t there to hear it, but I took great pleasure in knowing that my colleagues had just heard the message, ‘Common sense has left the conference’. Childish I know, but these things must sometimes be done to brighten the day.

I’ve got a few more ideas up my sleeve and look forward to the next conference call. Who knows? If I keep it up, they might stop inviting me.


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