Customer Care – Some Facts

Posted May 6th, 2008

Effective customer care is critical to the success of any business. Without positive relationships with our customers no business can survive in today’s competitive marketplace. Just consider the amount of customers you have had up until now, imagine what things would be like if they all disappeared overnight!

Customer care has changed immensely over the years. Our customers have become less tolerant and more demanding. It is a huge challenge for us to meet these demands. However, the answers are within us all.

We all know that customers who are happy with the service we provide are more likely to purchase again and recommend us to others. You may even know that customers that are very impressed with our service rather than just satisfied are willing to pay higher prices for our products. What you may not know is…

  • If we can retain 5 percent more of our customers we increase profit by 100%
  • It costs 5 times more money to get new customers as it does to keep them
  • The average customer that has a bad experience tells 9 other people
  • The average customer that has a good experience tells 3 other people
    If a complaint is resolved 70% of customers will do more business.
  • Resolve it quickly and this increases to 90%

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