CV mistakes you really don’t want to make

Posted September 22nd, 2015

Writing your CV can be a difficult task, but it’s always important not to lie or make silly mistakes that will ensure you get overlooked for that precious job.

Despite it being a career no-no some workers do make silly errors – and even try to get away with some quite audacious lies.

Jobs site Careerbuilder has collected examples of the most ridiculous embellishments and mistakes  found on resumes.

The 15 best are below…

  • Applicant claimed to be a former CEO of the company to which they were applying
  • Applicant claimed to be fluent in two languages – one of which was pig Latin
  • Applicant wrote “whorehouse” instead of “warehouse” when listing work history
  • Applicant’s personal website linked to a porn site
  • Applicant introduced himself [in the cover letter] by saying “Hey you”
  • Applicant vying for a customer service position gave “didn’t like dealing with angry customers” as the reason for leaving her last job
  • User name of applicant’s email address was “2poopy4mypants”
  • Applicant claimed to be a Nobel Prize winner
  • Applicant claimed to have worked in a jail when they were really in there serving time
  • Applicant who claimed to be HVAC certified later asked the hiring manager what “HVAC” meant
  • Applicant said to have gotten fired “on accident”
  • Applicant claimed to have attended a college that didn’t exist
  • Applicant for a driver position claimed to have 10 years of experience but had only had a driver’s license for four years
  • Applicant’s reference was an employer from whom they had embezzled money and had an arrest warrant out for the applicant
  • Applicant’s stated job history had him in three different companies and three different cities simultaneously

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