CV writing tips

Posted February 25th, 2018

Writing your first CV can be daunting, but this short guide will help point you in the right direction, so that your CV stands out from the crowd. Your CV should demonstrate your experience and your skills, but it should also be individual. Employers see the same kind of CV constantly, they want something fresh.

Include a personal statement. This is the first section of a CV that a potential employer will read. It shouldn’t be a mismatched list of your skills, but rather, it should tell the employer about you as a person: what you’ve done, what you can do, what you excel at. The personal statement is about selling yourself, and convincing an employer to read on to the rest of your CV.

Keep your CV simple and updated. CVs don’t need to be complex or overwhelming, and most are skim-read in the first instance. Your CV needs to be easy to scan over, while remaining enticing for the second read. Always keep your CV updated, and fill in any employment gaps, because you will be asked about them if they’re on there. Your CV should include a list of relevant skills, though you should find a creative way to include them in your CV.

Use a template or CV builder. CVs can be difficult to write properly without knowing what you need to include, or how to lay it out. A CV builder or template is a professional solution to CV help, and can make the process much smoother.


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