Dealing with Difficult Behaviours in the Workplace

Posted May 30th, 2017

In every workplace there will be characters that rub each other up the wrong way, that’s just life. If the managers within your organisation face challenging and difficult behaviour that is beginning to have a negative impact on the standards of work being achieved, they need to have the skills and knowledge to do something about it.

There are a few things they can do to ensure they stay cool and able to work with a difficult situation.

Thinking Time – When faced with a difficult situation, often the first thing we want to do is react. Take yourself out of that mind-set and have some thinking time before replying.

Listen – The person causing the difficult situation will be doing so for a good reason. Be a good listener and help them to identify their feelings, showing that you are willing to work with them.

Focus on a Solution – Remove any feelings about the person in front of you and take an objective viewpoint of the problem, and in the process look for a solution as soon as possible. Don’t attack the other person, as this is likely to inflame the situation.

Be Clear and Direct – Maintain eye contact and always talk directly to the other person, showing them that you support them and hear their problems. Ask questions that help to find a solution and remain positive at all times.

Trainer Bubble has course materials designed specifically for helping people who are in management positions, though it does provide helpful tools for all individual’s in a working environment who may have to mediate or be faced with challenging and difficult behaviour on a regular basis. For all other course materials, please feel free to browse our course list.


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