Dealing with Phone Rage in a Call Centre Environment

Posted April 28th, 2017

In every call centre, helpdesk and front line of a business, phone calls are being received and made on a daily basis. As part of your company culture and reputation, the way your staff members deal with these phone calls is vital. So how do you help them contend with angry, raging phone calls that haven’t gone as expected?

Understand Triggers – This counts for both sides of the call. If your staff fully understand the obstacles and objections a caller might put in front of them and why they are getting angry, it better equips them to successfully deal with the call and find a resolution.

Stay Strong, but Polite – This can be easier said than done in some cases, but always be prepared to accept some form of verbal abuse down the phone without losing your own temper.

Always Listen – This is the biggest factor in calming an irate caller. If your customer knows you are genuinely and actively listening to them and looking for a solution it helps to calm the situation.

Trainer Bubble has a course materials pack specifically designed to help your staff members deal with phone rage. It provides them with the skills to help defuse an emotional caller and move towards a resolution to suit both parties. For other courses, you can easily browse our site to find something to suit your specific requirements.


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