How to Deliver a Difficult Message in the Workplace

Posted March 21st, 2017

During a successful career you’ll have to deliver a difficult message to other members of staff at some time. Learning how to cope and to deliver effective messages without completely damaging the wider team morale is a skill that can be taught. Trainer Bubble has the course materials to help you develop the skills of your team in this critical component of working life.

There are a few short steps to consider if you have a difficult message to deliver.

Identify the Problem – It might be that a certain team has not delivered the desired results last month, or that certain changes need to be made with the makeup of staff members. Identify the problem facing you and work out what needs to be said.

Create a Desired Outcome – Once you know the problem at hand you can begin to formulate the best case outcome. You might need to make a change within the organisation, create new goals or get your staff to buy-in to new processes.

Who Needs to Know? – Once you have a problem, and a desired solution you need to work out the exact audience for your difficult message. Keep it strictly down to the exact people who need to know.

Structure Your Message – Put together the key components of your message, starting from what you want your audience to feel, how you will share your desired outcome and how to put forward specific tasks that have to be completed as a result of this conversation. Also consider the need to choose the time, location and type of delivery too, as this is vitally important to the success.

If you would like some help to develop strategies in how to deliver difficult messages in the workplace Trainer Bubble are here to help. We have a range of courses available to help with delivering effective communication skills to your management staff. We all have to deliver difficult news at some point in our careers and we have developed a course that helps put the correct processes in place. We look forward to helping you.


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