Delivering a great presentation

Posted April 24th, 2018

Presentations, whether you’re completely new to them or giving your 20th one, are a driving force behind project management, finding solutions, and engaging with a company; both internally and externally. In this short article, we endeavour to help you figure out how to deliver a great presentation to your boss, team, or clientele, with engaging information that will really get the audience on your side.

Keep your physical presentation simple. You’ll actually be doing a lot of the talking yourself, and you don’t need to overwhelm your audience with information. While you’re talking, your audience will be automatically reading the slides on your presentation, so instead of filling in with too many words, use graphs and statistics. You can add a few sentences of information to prompt you, but otherwise, you should be the main focus, not your PowerPoint presentation.

Remain confident throughout your presentation. Try not to stutter or use “um” or “ah” too much. A good trick is to take a cup of water in with you, whenever you need a moment to think or look at the notes on your slide, take a sip of water. Remember that you’ve done the research, everything is right there, laid out for you to explain. Have faith in yourself.

Finally, you should do your best to keep your audience engaged in your presentation. You can do this by telling stories, asking questions to the room, and keeping the atmosphere of the presentation as light as possible.


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