Did You Spot the Gorilla?

Posted October 16th, 2007

It’s surprising how many people miss the gorilla when watching the short clip that I posted on my blog last week. This clip was developed by Daniel Simons to study the psychology of vision. It points out that because you are asked to focus on something specific, you often miss the seemingly obvious as your brain will filter out what it feels is not important. In this case, you were asked to count the passes and so a gorilla beating it’s chest was deemed less important by your brain and so it filtered it out.

Richard Wiseman uses the video to demonstrate the ‘blind spots’ people have to opportunities and argues that those people that learn (or naturally) manage to identify these hidden opportunities are more likely to succeed and maximise opportunities in their personal and professional life.

The challenge in life is to look at things from different perspectives and not close your mind off to knew thoughts and ideas. You can read more about Richard’s findings from his book ‘Did you spot the gorilla?’


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