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10 Rules Of… – Free Energiser

Duration: This free energiser should take 10 - 15 minutes to run.

Intended for:

This energiser is great for encouraging participants to summarise a training course or parts of a training course. It allows them to be creative whilst testing their knowledge of the topic and having a little bit of fun too.

Training course contents:

A set of instructions for the energiser, ’10 Rules Of…’ can be downloaded as a Word document for free from the link below, or you can use the notes provided here…

Resources Needed:

Flipchart paper and pens.


Explain to the participants that they have been given the task of devising the ’10 rules of…(whatever topic you want)’ and these rules will form the guiding principles for anyone involved in the training from this day forth.

You can even suggest that the 10 rules will be put in reception to greet all who enter.

Give the participants 10 minutes to write the rules as a group and when they have done this, review the information and discuss the key points. Also, probe the participants on how and why they came to their decisions.


Use this energiser to test participants knowledge in a fun and creative way.

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10 Rules Of… – Free Energiser


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