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20 Information Security Tips – Free

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People who handle any confidential information whether for the business they work for or their own personal information. Although not intended as an exhaustive list it does serve as a reminder of some of the techniques of good information security.

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A set of tips providing some guidance on good information security can be downloaded for free from the link at the bottom of this page, or you can follow the notes below…

20 Information Security Tips

1. Always comply with your company’s security policies and procedures

2. Passwords are a vital defence to protect data. Make sure yours are strong and that you change them often

3. Keep your passw0rd secret and never share it with anyone

4. Never write down your password.

5. Make your password hard to guess — do not use the name of your pet (or your child). The more random your password is, the better.

6. Switch off your computer when you have finished using it

7. Lock your computer screen if you will be away from your computer

8. Protect your computer from viruses and spyware and never switch off the protection software 9. Use portable devices in accordance with your organisation’s security policies

10. Carry out the necessary identity (data protection) checks before discussing any information that needs to be kept secure with a third party

11. Don’t respond to unsolicited requests to verify your account number or password.

12. Report any loss and/or damage to portable corporate devices and any security breaches and/or incidents to your IT department

13. Ask questions – whenever you are asked for information that seems inappropriate. If you are not satisfied with the answers do not give the information.

14. Provide visitors with an identity badge that needs to be worn at all times while they are visiting areas that are not open to the public

15. Do not discuss business in a public place as you could be overheard.

16. Shred printed information when you no longer need it

17. Keep any payment information (especially bank accounts and payment cards) secure

18. Do not leave paper work lying around it needs to be kept secure

19. Avoid using public or shared computers

20. Report any actual or potential information security breaches in accordance with your internal procedures


To provide assistance to those who work with any confidential information. Some of the tips will also help you to keep your own personal information secure.

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20 Information Security Tips – Free


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