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20 Line Manager Tips – Free

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People who are new to a line management role, but would benefit anyone who manages people for a living.

Training course contents:

A set of tips providing guidance on the requirements of a good line management can be downloaded for free from the link at the bottom of this page, or you can follow the notes below…

20 Tips for New Line Managers

1. Communicate openly, clearly and consistently with your people, your peers and your own manager.

2. Encourage and practice frequent 2-way communication taking care to be a good listener and show that you value the opinions of your people

3. Set a good example and be a great role model

4. Ask people for their input before making decisions and not the other way around

5. Be decisive and demonstrate leadership and clear direction

6. Help your team see the ‘big picture’

7. Create an environment of constant learning and development and make sure you include yourself (you still have a lot to learn)

8. Provide professional guidance

9. Aim to build trust with the people you lead

10. Be prepared for possible hostility from your new subordinates but don’t be defensive

11. Be cautious and don’t rush into criticising current operating procedures or making dramatic changes in operations.

12. Build relationships with your line management peers and don’t hesitate to ask for their advice

13. Make allies of the departments or units that serve or support your function.

14. Value people and be sure to give praise where it is deserved.

15. Empower your people to take responsibility for their own jobs

16. Believe in and encourage teamwork

17. Focus on the customer and ensure that your people do the same (this applies to internal and external customers)

18. Get to know your employees as people

19. React to problems and issues so that they do not fester and grow

20. Treat all employees fairly and equally.


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20 Line Manager Tips – Free


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