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20 Time Management Tips – Free

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Anybody who would benefit from improving the way in which they use their time.

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A set of tips providing guidance on how to negotiate effectively can be downloaded for free from the link at the bottom of this page, or you can follow the notes below…

20 Time Management Tips

1. Remember that you cannot manage time, only how you use it

2. Set your work and personal objectives

3. Plan each day before it starts

4. Prioritize your tasks.

5. Make a to do list

6. Say no to tasks that are not essential

7. Take time to do the job ‘right first time’.

8. Break down the large, time-consuming tasks into a series of small manageable tasks

9. Evaluate how you’re spending your time and where you are wasting it

10. Get plenty of sleep, eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

11. Take a break when needed and never skip lunch

12. Assign time to any activity or conversation that is important to helping you meet your goals

13. Spend most of your time in activities, thoughts or conversations that will help you to meet your goals

14. Manage interruptions scheduling them and limiting unwanted interruptions

15. Take time before every call you make or any meeting you attend to decide the outcome you want

16. Schedule “Do not disturb” time and make sure that people respect it

17. Set time limits and deadlines for tasks

18. Establish routines and try to stick to them

19. Turn off your e mail alert

20. Manage e mails by:

  • Deleting those that can safely be deleted immediately.
  • Deal with the it if it is urgent or can be done quickly.
  • Delegate it if it can be dealt with better by someone else.
  • Defer and schedule to a later time emails that require longer action.


To provide assistance to anyone who needs to improve the way they use their available time. This tip sheet on time management would be a good additional document when using the Trainer Bubble training course materials for the following topics…

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20 Time Management Tips – Free


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