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All Change – Free Energiser

Duration: This energiser is flexible and can be used to fill time as required.

Intended for:

Use this free energiser to raise participants’ awareness regarding change and how their own behaviour during the energiser reflects the reality of opinions to change.

Training course contents:

You can download a two page set of instructions for the energiser, ‘All Change’ from the link at the bottom of this page or follow the instructions below.

Place participants into pairs and ask them to face each other. Then ask them to take a good look at the person in front of them and memorise what that person is wearing.

Next, ask them to face away from their partner and change five things about themselves (typically people will take off a shoe, remove a watch or ring or perhaps remove their glasses).

After they have done this, ask the pairs to turn and face each other again and identify what has changed about their partner.


Review – in review, ask participants how easy it was to change things about themselves. Usually they will say that it is hard to change five things.

The important thing to note is that most people associate ‘change’ as removal or loss of things. How many people actually added something to themselves to change their appearance?

In life, we tend to associate change with loss. However, the reality is that change can also include gain.

A side thing to note is how quickly once people realise the exercise is over they return their clothing or appearance back to the way it was. Given the chance, people will always revert back to ‘the way things were’. This is also typical of change situations.


Alternative – another thing you can do with this exercise is continue to ask people to keep changing five things about themselves. They will begin to get extremely frustrated and start to comment that they cannot possibly change anything else. Only the quick thinking will realise that perhaps they can start to add things. This highlights the frustrations people can feel through continual change.


This energiser is useful to help participants identify with people’s behaviour and feelings during times of change.

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All Change – Free Energiser


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