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All Winners – Free Team Building Game

Duration: 10 - 15 minutes

Intended for:

This free team building task demonstrates methods of working together to ensure we all reach a positive outcome.

Training course contents:

A set of instructions for the team building game, ‘All Winners’ can be downloaded in Word format for free from the link at the bottom of this page, or you can follow the notes below

Learning Points – supporting, coaching, influencing and encouraging positive behaviours are all part of good team work.

Tools: two lengths of rope (for a start and finish line) and a whistle (or you can clap your hands)

Process – this training game is done best outdoors.

  • Place a length of rope at the ‘starting point’ and then another piece of rope about 50 – 100 metres away from the first piece to make a ‘start’ and ‘finish’ line
  • Advise the participants that you would like them all to take part in a ‘race’. However, the object of the race is not to win, but for everyone to finish at exactly the same time. This means every person should cross the line in unison.
  • Start the race by blowing the whistle and then see how the participants go about trying to ensure they all cross the line at exactly the same time (be very strict about this).
  • If participants do not cross the line at the same time, ask them to restart the race until they get it right.
  • You can place some added pressure on the team by timing the session and explaining that they must complete the race in the best time they can.

Review – review the team building game by discussing what participants did to achieve the task. What considerations they had to make. What worked well, what could have been better and what they would do next time.

You can link this to the workplace, where we should all be working together to achieve goals rather than focusing on only our own ‘victories’.


This team building game is useful for team building events or training courses where you want to develop team working skills. The ideas behind the game are to help participants manage, observe, and experience individual preferences toward accomplishing a task.

All Winners – Free Team Building Game


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