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Anxiety at Work – Virtual Training

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Duration: 3 modules: 1-2 hours each module

Intended for:

Virtual Training Materials – These materials have been adapted from the corresponding classroom course materials that you will also find on our website. However, we have changed the structure and content so that it better suits delivery in a virtual environment such as a video conference call, which helps with training of remote workers. This means no major alteration to the content, but the structure and method of delivery will have altered.

Intended for:

Research suggests that Anxiety affects roughly 7 million people in the UK and that anxiety disorders is the most common mental illness in the USA where it affects 13.3% of the population. This means that it is highly likely that we work with at least one person who suffers from it and that we ourselves also experience anxiety. Our virtual ‘Anxiety at Work’ course will therefore benefit anyone who needs to develop an understanding of anxiety and how to handle it.​

Training course contents:

Modern day expectations mean that the workplace can be a highly pressurised environment and we may think that admitting to the anxiety this can cause is seen as a sign of weakness. So, the fact that people are suffering from anxious feelings is often not noticed.  This can lead to mental illness and prevent people from reaching their potential as well as being detrimental to the organisations they work for.

It is important for businesses and the people to work for them to realise that anxiety is a normal human reaction. Recognising and providing a supportive environment is of benefit to everybody.

This virtual training programme aims to provide participants with some knowledge of what anxiety meant and how to support people who experience it. Ultimately, this helps the individual who is suffering from it, and this also benefits the organisation the person works for.

The main content of the training course materials…

Types of Anxiety – anxiety is defined and participants learn how they may identify it

Some Statistics – factual information about the proportion of the population who suffer from anxiety and how this effects their performance

A Little Bit of Biology – how anxiety affects or bodies

Anxiety Symptoms & Thoughts – the physical and non-physical symptoms of anxiety and the anxious thoughts that cause them

Distinguishing Anxiety from Stress & Depression – how anxiety, stress and depression differ but also how they inter-relate to each other

Effects & Causes of Anxiety – we consider why people become anxious and how this affects them

Our Reactions to Anxiety – we consider reactions to anxiety and consider some case studies to help us to identify whether we react to it in the right way

Treatments – identifying the benefits and drawbacks of different types of treatment

Avoidance – examination of two approaches to dealing with anxiety

What Can We Do? – we consider the perspective of various stakeholders in organisations and what they could and should be doing to help​


At this end of this ‘Anxiety at Work’ training course your participants will be able to:

  • Understand and identify anxiety
  • Explain the effects of anxiety on various stakeholders
  • Outline what organisations, employers, managers, employer, colleague and sufferers can do to help minimise the effects of anxiety
  • Compare anxiety and other forms of illness
  • Set out actions they can take to de stigmatise anxiety with the aim of improving performance within the organisation the stigma attached to anxiety with a view to improving business performance.

Anxiety at Work – Virtual Training

This training resource will be delivered immediately after checkout.

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