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Assertiveness in Action – Virtual Training

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Duration: 4 modules: 1-2 hours each module

Intended for:

These virtual training materials have been adapted from the corresponding classroom course materials that you will also find on our website. However, we have changed the structure and content so that it better suits delivery in a virtual environment such as a video conference call, which helps with training of remote workers. This means no major alteration to the content, but the structure and method of delivery will have altered.

Intended for:

Any person who has a need to become more assertive and to communicate better will find this course to be helpful.

The materials will help you to provide a virtual training programme that will help your learners to develop a more assertive approach to the way in which they communicate.

Training course contents:

Assertive people are able to communicate confidently. They do not manipulate other people or try to force them to their will aggressively. This are also not weak and do not give in at the first sign of resistance.

Developing assertive behaviour enables us to become more effective in any situation where the is a need to communicate with other people.​

This course guides participants so that they can develop their assertiveness and confidence. Doing this helps them to become more effective in both work and social situations.

The main content of the virtual training course materials…

What is Assertiveness? – Some people confuse assertive and aggressive behaviour, so we start by defining what assertiveness means.

My Assertiveness Goals – Defining what individuals want and need to develop as a result of attending this course.

How Assertiveness Works – Moving from ‘fight or flight’ instincts to a more controlled approach

My Assertive Rights – Understanding our rights as people and committing to them

Taking a Positive Approach – Four methods that include:

  1. Giving and Receiving Compliments
    Complimenting others and receiving compliments in a positive way.
  2. Improving Self-Esteem
    Overcoming inhibitions that lead to negative outcomes.
  3. New Challenges
    Develops the theme of self-esteem by encouraging participants to take on new challenges.
  4. Effective Communication
    Some key communication skills that we can develop in order to improve how we come across.

Approaching Assertiveness – Four assertive behaviours and an opportunity to try them out.

The Words You Use – The right words to use and their importance.

Preparing to Be Assertive – How developing a script helps to be more assertive and an opportunity to put this into practice.​


At the end of this Assertiveness Skills virtual training course your participants will be able to:

  • Define assertiveness and its effects on us and the people we communicate with
  • Identify our rights as individuals and commit to them
  • Communicate positively and more effectively
  • Overcome inhibitions by improved self-esteem
  • Use language that improves the effectiveness of communication with others
  • Use a consistent approach to deal with issues assertively

Assertiveness in Action – Virtual Training

This training resource will be delivered immediately after checkout.

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