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Bucket List – Free Energiser

Duration: 10 - 30 minutes

Intended for:

This free energiser works really well in training courses where you want participants to focus on personal improvement, self-development and working with others to develop skills. The energiser is great for helping people set personal objectives and clear goals and targets. We use it typically as part of teambuilding training or leadership training courses.

Training course contents:

A one-page set of instructions for the energiser, ‘Bucket List’ can be downloaded for free from the link at the bottom of this page or you can follow the instructions here.

Resources – Pen and Paper

Much like the film of the same name, this simple energiser encourages participants to consider things they want to achieve in life and before death! However, this version concentrates on things they want to achieve within their current role.

Explain the above to the participants and then give them 5 – 10 minutes to list things they want to achieve in their role. Ensure you focus them on the fact that it has to be things within their current job and they have to provide a time limit on the things in their list.

In review – once all the participants have carried out the task hold a group discussion where participants take it in turns to divulge their bucket list. The other participants should provide advice and guidance on things the person can do to help them achieve each thing on their list.

You will be surprised how much advice and support this energiser can produce from the team.


This energiser is really useful for focusing participants and helping them to set and achieve workplace goals.

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Bucket List – Free Energiser


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