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Building Better Work Habits

Building Better Work Habits

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Duration: 1 Day

Intended for:

These Building Better Work Habits training course materials have been developed for everyone in your organisation who may struggle with their own personal effectiveness. They may not have control of their own workload or blame others as to why they’re not achieving certain tasks and projects. Alternatively, it might be that high performers want to understand how they can organise themselves in a new way to give themselves more stretch in their roles.

The training course will help the learners build self-awareness and will highlight the important parts of working smarter to achieve end goals.

Training course contents:

We are all busy, and sometimes it seems we do not have enough hours in the day to complete deadlines and projects. It can then eat into our home life, meaning we often end up stressed, or in worst case scenarios, unwell (both physically and mentally). The reason behind this is often how we work day to day, as opposed to others giving us work at the last minute.

These training course materials have been designed to help your participants work more effectively for the long term. This isn’t about how to manage a diary or emails, but rather look closely to see what are the blockers which get in the way of success. These small changes in day to day work will have a dramatic impact in both productivity and personal effectiveness.

Why is running this building better work habits course a good idea?

Well, just imagine if your participants were better able to:

  • Understand that urgent and important tasks aren’t always the same thing
  • Get the big tasks done first in their workday before getting swallowed up in admin and phonecalls
  • Manage their mindset; being willing and open to learn and put the effort in
  • Keep focused on the task in hand and not working in a scatter gun approach
  • Have clarity of their goals and what they want to achieve
  • Limit procrastination to work smarter

Ultimately these training course materials allow you to nurture a workforce that is better able to work smarter and accomplish both personal and company objectives in an efficient and timely manner.

We can all afford to become more productive and effective in the workplace. These Building Better Work Habits will help your participants focus on the things that will really make a difference to them day to day.

The main content of the training course materials…

Productivity: the science bit – A chance to explore what we mean by being productive and how that helps us build better work habits, as well as the opportunity to look at some of the science behind myths and bad habits we’ve probably already formed. Includes a link to a YouTube video.

Procrastination why put off to tomorrow what we can do today! – Participants will explore what we procrastinate about, how we procrastinate in our own lives and what we can do about it!

Eat That Frog – An introduction to Brian Tracy’s book “Eat that frog” and how it can help us improve our working habits. Includes a link to a YouTube video.

Eat That Frog: Thinking on Paper – A chance to put into practice some of Brian Tracy’s methods and how to use them in our real lives

Eat That Frog: Rocks, Pebbles and Sand – Taking our goal setting further, we explore Covey’s methodology around prioritising our tasks. Includes an optional Trainer Bubble video provided as a download with this pack.

Eat That Frog: The Pareto Principle – The final part of the “Eat that Frog” section looks at how effective we in terms of how we spend our day

Prioritising: how do we spend our day? – Participants explore how proactive they are, and what the danger might be in letting a situation rule their time

Prioritising: The Priority Matrix – Taking the Rock, Pebbles and Sand methodology further, participants explore what truly is urgent and what is important in our day to day

Prioritising: Company Performance Tensions – We may know what our own personal objectives are, however, our business objectives have certain tensions that could impact these. How can we balance these two different objectives to ensure we’re successful day to day?

What’s my mindset? – Sometimes we can get in the way of our own successes and plans due to our mindset; utilising Carol Dweck’s work, it is a chance to reflect on our own mindsets when we’re building new work habits. Includes a link to a YouTube video.

What’s my mindset? Energy Cycles – Our energy can impact our mindset and how productive we are. A chance to look at what gives us energy, and how we can work more effectively depending on where our energy levels might be

As with all Trainer Bubble products, this training course is interactive and full of relevant activities.


At the end of this Building Better Work Habits Training Course, your participants will be able to:

  • Identify what being productive really means, and explore some of the science behind productivity myths
  • Understand why we procrastinate, and find new ways to banish this from our working day
  • Identify what big tasks we keep “putting off” and ensure we are clear about what we’re doing and why we’re doing it
  • Explore how we prioritise our day; balancing our own workload with company performance priorities
  • Challenge our mindsets – how open are we to growth or are we fixed in our views on how to achieve our goals?

Building Better Work Habits

This training resource will be delivered immediately after checkout.

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