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Business E-mails – Self Study Workbook

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These Self Study Workbooks have been developed as a tool to assist learners outside of classroom training. As the name suggests, they provide the user with the opportunity to explore the learning for themselves or with a coach. They can be used by individuals to develop their own personal skills in a given topic, or by organisations that want to upskill their team members in a cost effective and timely way.

Self-Study Workbook Contents:

In the fast paced work environments we encounter today, these workbooks provide the perfect opportunity to develop and build on skills that might otherwise be neglected.

The workbooks provide clarity and insight to the specific topic, whilst including activities, questions and practical tasks that ensure the learner is immersed in the topic and learns from a practical and straightforward approach. A great way to have fun while learning at your own pace!

This particular self study workbook focuses on ‘Business E-mails’.

E-Mail has become an important means of communication in business. We use e-mails to communicate internally to our work colleagues. We are also using e-mails more and more to communicate with customers, suppliers and business partners.

Unfortunately we do not always display the same professionalism in our e-mails as we do with other forms of business communication.

In this short training workbook we consider what standards we need to be applying to ensure that our e-mails are professional, well managed and effective.

Section 1 – Professional E-mails

Three Aspects? – The learner considers three aspects of writing e-mail and start focusing on how they can improve their business e-mails by paying attention to these.

E-Mail Errors – The learner discovers common errors made in business e-mails and how to eliminate these errors. They also have the chance to put this into practice by proof reading and correcting a short e-mail.

Professional Standards– Understanding the professional standards you should aim for when writing business e-mails. Putting this into practice by re-writing an unprofessional e-mail.

E-Mail Protocol – Here the learner looks at a number of diverse issues such as addressing e-mails, font type, font size and the use of attachments.

Legal Aspects– This is a short introduction to some legal aspects of writing and sending e-mails and is not intended as an in depth legal analysis.

Section 2 – Managing E-mails

E-Mail Questionnaire – The learner completes a short questionnaire to help them evaluate whether they have an e-mail problem that needs managing.

Cutting Down – The learner considers ways of cutting down the amount of e-mail they receive

Managing E-Mail – The Learner is presented with ideas on how they can manage their incoming e-mail. They then evaluate these by considering which of these ideas they can make practical use of.

The self study wokbook contains activities, questions and tasks that provide you with an opportunity to learn through doing and challenge your own thinking.


On completion of this self study workbook, you will be able to:

  • Eliminate simple errors when writing and sending e-mails
  • Write e-mails that comply with the professional standards of your organisation
  • Follow accepted protocol when writing and sending business e-mails
  • Control when you read your e-mail so that it is not a constant source of interruption
  • Manage your incoming e-mail so that you spend the minimum amount of time required to deal with it effectively
  • Take action to reduce the number of unnecessary e-mails you receive


Business E-mails – Self Study Workbook

This training resource will be delivered immediately after checkout.

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