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business etiquette virtual training

Business Etiquette – Virtual Training

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Duration: 4 modules: 1-2 hours each module

Intended for:

These virtual training materials have been adapted from the corresponding classroom course materials that you will also find on our website. However, we have changed the structure and content so that it better suits delivery in a virtual environment such as a video conference call, which helps with training of remote workers. This means no major alteration to the content, but the structure and method of delivery will have altered.

The purpose Business Etiquette virtual training course is for you to help your participants to consistently work in accordance with the standards required in the area in they work in. This course will help reinforce the idea that the way in which they behave affects other people and impacts the business as well as themselves. They may also need to openly discuss with each other how they can work together effectively and co-operatively.

By taking part in this business etiquette virtual training, the people attending will have a greater understanding of what business etiquette is and why it should be treated with importance.

Training course contents:

Working practices have changed, with many people moving away from fixed working hours and in many cases working from home. Other changes in the way in which we work can inadvertently lead to a slip in standards.  This means that understanding the impact we have through our behaviour has never been more important. This applies in any job that we do and once we understand this we can work towards working more effectively and co-operatively with the people we encounter.

These virtual training materials will help you to facilitate an online programme that will in turn help your participants to build the right relationships that are essential to modern day organisations.

Why is business etiquette training necessary?

Consider the effects if your people are able to::

  • Appreciate why business etiquette is important to your organisation and to them as individuals
  • Ponder the effects of their verbal and written language
  • Use plain language instead of jargon that is not always easy to understand
  • Listen to other people to understand both the literal and emotional meaning of what they are trying to say
  • Examine how they personally impact their relationships with others
  • Effectively manage their role in meetings and the time they spend in them
  • Help other people who may be having difficulties with business etiquette

The overall aim of this training course is encourage your people to work with others in a smart, co-operative and effective way.​

The main content of the training course materials…

What Exactly IS Business Etiquette?  – An exploration into the topic and why it is important.

Impact of the Words We Use – Consideration of the language we use and whether the meaning is always clear.

Email Etiquette – The use of plain language and the avoidance of business jargon

The Power of Listening – Understanding the importance of listening to achieve area understanding including the emotional background

Exploring our Personal Impact – An exploration of three types of energy and how this links to our resilience as individuals.

Effective Meeting Management – Analysis of the time participants spend in meetings and whether much of this time is wasteful

Supporting Business Etiquette in Others – Ideas and techniques to help others realise the importance of having the right standards and how to develop them.

As with all Trainer Bubble training course materials, this virtual course is designed to be interactive and engaging.​


At the end of this Business Etiquette Virtual Training Course, your participants will be able to:

  • Explain the meaning of business etiquette and its importance
  • Write emails and other written communications using language that does not rely on the use of jargon
  • Establish the importance of active listening and the dangers of not giving their full attention to others
  • Explore what it means to be effective at meetings and how to make them more productive
  • Work with the people around them to help them to improve their own business etiquette where this is appropriate.​

Business Etiquette – Virtual Training

This training resource will be delivered immediately after checkout.

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