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Can You Explain – Free Energiser

Duration: 30 minutes or longer

Intended for:

To help you assess the knowledge and/or attitude of participants in a training course.

Encourage participants to think of a topic from a different perspective than they normally would.

Helps participants to gain a deeper understanding of the subject they are explaining.

Training course contents:

You can download a set of instructions for the free energiser, ‘Can You Explain’ for free from the link below.

The Can You Explain Cards (Available in the download below).

1. Look through the ‘Can You Explain’ cards included in the download. You can edit these and change the characters if required.

2. Print the ‘Can You Explain’ cards on thin card and cut them into individual cards.

3. Ask each participant to draw one card each. If you prefer, they can work in pairs or small groups.

4. Now give them a topic to explain to the person or group of people they have drawn. The topic needs to be related to the subject matter of your training. Allow a few minutes for them to prepare before they explain the subject as if they are explaining it to the person/people on the card.

5. You can give all people the same topic to explain or each of them different topics.

6. Make sure every person or group has an attempt at the activity but allow them the option to swap their card if necessary.

7. Provide feedback to all answers they give making sure that you keep this positive and supportive.


This energiser is a good method of testing the learning of participants in a fun and interesting way.

Can You Explain – Free Energiser


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