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Change Your Ways – Free Energiser

Duration: 5 - 10 minutes

Intended for:

This free energiser helps participants to realise that we all have developed habits that are very hard to change. It’s useful where you want participants to get out of the mentality that, ‘We’ve always done it that way’ and to explore new methods and approaches.

Training course contents:

You can download the instructions for this energiser for free from the link at the bottom of this page, or follow the notes below.

Tools – you will need to ensure that at least one participant is wearing a jacket or has a coat available.

Instructions – ask any participants that have a coat or jacket to stand up and take their coat/jacket off. Once they have done this, ask them to put it on again and ask how it felt (note which arm the put in first). Of course you will likely get some blank stares and the participants might not know what to say. Ignore this and then move on to the next part of the energiser.

Ask participants to again put their coat on, but this time they should do so by putting their other arm in first. Watch while they struggle with this and wait until they get their coat on.

Review – review the energiser by asking why it was so difficult for the participants to put their coat on when they used their ‘other’ arm first. Discuss their responses and explain that this is how we often get in a pattern of doing things and we don’t change our approach because it can feel uncomfortable.

You could also ask…

1. What stops us from doing things differently? How can we avoid this?

2. Can we be sure that the way we do things is still right? What should we do about that?


This energiser is a good method of encouraging conversations around our desire for things to remain the same.

It can be particularly effective for training courses on change. i.e. Planning for Change and Success with Change.

Change Your Ways – Free Energiser


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