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cold call training game

Cold Call Closer – Free Training game

Duration: 60 minutes +

Intended for:

This sales training game has been designed to help improve your participants ability and confidence to make cold calls.

Training course contents:

A  set of instructions for the free sales training game, ‘Cold Call Closer’ can be downloaded for free from the link at the bottom of this page. You can also find the instructions below.

Resources Needed

  • Spearkerphone


This sales training game can be used during a training course or as an activity that is carried out in the workplace, perhaps as part of a sales coaching session.

  1. Working in pairs, take turns making phone calls to prospective clients via the speakerphone.


  1. One person should act as caller and the other will take notes and provide feedback to the other person after the call.


  1. The caller will get points for ‘closing a deal’ with the client they are cold calling.


  1. They will also get points for tasks they complete along the way.


  1. The ‘winner’ is the person who collects the most points after an agreed amount of calls.


  1. Be sure to review each call with a feedback and advice session.


Getting past a gatekeeper – 50 points

Good rapport with client – 40 points

Get their email address – 40 points

Schedule a follow-up call – 40 points

Schedule a face-to-face meeting – 50 points

Closing a call – 200 points


Use this sales training game to practice cold calling techniques and to remove the stigma of cold calling clients.

Cold Call Closer – Free Training game


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