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Collection – Free Team Building Game

Duration: As required

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Use these free team building games during a training session to help build the team morale and create a positive environment.

Training course contents:

You can download this collection of team building games as a Word document by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page or just follow the instructions below. The download will give you a two page collection of team building games and exercises.

The Team Building Games:

Positivity Man – give each delegate a sheet of paper and ask them to write their name on the top of the paper. Place all of the papers in the centre of the circle. Ask each delegate to draw a sheet from the centre (not their own) and ask them to write one (or a sentence) positive word about that person at the bottom of the sheet. They then fold the paper up to cover up the word. Have them place the sheet back in the centre and repeat on another sheet. The delegates will continue to select other’s sheets from the circle to write positive words on, until the name is the only thing showing on the paper.

The trainer can then distribute the papers to their owners. This is a great energiser to carry out at the end of a session. A variation is to use the delegate’s workbooks from a training session rather than a sheet of paper.

Back Me Up! – ask each delegate to find a partner of approximately equal height and weight, if possible. The partners will lock arms with their backs to one another. With arms remaining locked at all times, the partners will sit down on the ground, kick their legs out straight, and try to stand back up. Then groups of four will try the same thing. Then add more and more people until the entire group together. This is the perfect activity to help discussions around teamwork.

Uplifting Experience! – ask a volunteer delegate to lie with their back on the floor and their eyes closed (if they feel comfortable). Then ask the rest of the group to place their hands underneath the person lying down. One person will be designated to be the captain, and therefore should place him/herself at the person’s head.

Once everyone is ready, the captain will softly count to three. At this time, the group will pick the person up to their waist. The captain will again softly count to three, and the group will bring the person to shoulder height. The captain will softly count to three, and the group will bring the person overhead. Finally, the captain will count to three, and the group will gently rock the person (forward and backward) down to the ground.

It is the volunteer’s responsibility to stay stiff as a board. It is the rest of the groups’ responsibility to take this activity very seriously, not to talk, and to keep the head higher than the feet at all times. The trainer should ensure the delegates are safe at all times.

Life Masks – each delegate is provided with a piece of card, which they should cut into a face shape about the size of a real face. On one side of the card they should write all of the feelings and emotions that they show others. On the other side, they should write all the inner feelings that they are reluctant to share. If delegates feel comfortable enough with the group they are in, it can be really powerful to share their masks with each other. This is a great exercise for exploring emotions.

Penny for your thoughts – each delegate has a bag of pennies which add up to the amount of people in the room. They must then go round the room handing out a penny to each person in the room gaining a thought for each. This could be a thought on the training topic being presented on, their feelings or any relevant topic.

It All Fits Together! – prior to the session, the trainer cuts out a large puzzle from plain paper (there should be one piece for each person attending the session). During the session each delegate decorates their piece to represent who they are and what they feel they can contribute to the group. When the delegates have completed this, ask them to share what they have on their piece. Next, ask the delegates to assemble the puzzle. The trainer should initiate a discussion on the power of everyone coming together, how much more of an impact a put together puzzle can have, than separate pieces, and how a final product could not be reached without a contribution from every piece of the puzzle.

Positive Bombardment – one delegate is selected to be the recipient of positive feedback from the rest of the group. Once everyone has had a chance to give that member the “gift” of feedback, another person is chosen and the process is repeated. This can be done in writing with members writing a positive comment to each delegate and putting them all in an envelope with the person’s name on it, or verbally. This also can be adapted so the delegates first give some constructive criticism and then some positive feedback.


A set of team building games to create a team environment and build relationships.

This Team Building Game collection works well with our Team Building Training Materials.

Collection – Free Team Building Game


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