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Covid-19 Training Room Checklist – Free


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This free Covid-19 and Coronavirus training room checklist is useful to help you prepare a training room and facilities in preparation for a social distancing safe training event. It provides some key preparation information to protect you and your participants.

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This Covid-19 checklist is available as a download from the link, or you can simply follow the notes below.

Covid-19/Coronavirus Training Room Checklist
– Set up a safe training environment with social distancing measures

A few things to consider if you are thinking of moving back to classroom training with social distancing measures…

1. Reduce the amount of participants.

2. Provide clear signage, so participants know what to do and why. Tape on the floor will help this.

3. Try to stagger entrance to the training room, so that you avoid people waiting outside in a large group. Give advice on how this works – different attendance times helps.

4. Ensure you provide sanitiser bottles at the entrance and inside the training room.

5. Space tables apart, so there is plenty of room.

6. Remember to leave lots of room by the door, for people coming and going (this could become stressful for someone who has a table by the door). Prop the door open if you can, so that the handle is not used.

7. If possible, ask people to bring a packed lunch, to avoid issues around mixing together at lunch.

8. Keep cleaning products handy and wipe down tables, handles, rails and anything else that is regularly touched whenever you can.

9. Have you reviewed your training materials to ensure activities keep people apart? It’s something that is easily overlooked.

10. Be flexible – listen and adapt to your participants needs.​


This free training room set up document has been designed to help ensure you provide a safe environment for your participants to learn in.

Covid-19 Training Room Checklist – Free


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