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Creative Thinking – Virtual Training

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Duration: 4 modules: 1-2 hours each module

Virtual Training

Virtual Training Materials – These materials have been adapted from the corresponding classroom course materials that you will also find on our website. However, we have changed the structure and content so that it better suits delivery in a virtual environment such as a video conference call. This means no major alteration to the content, but the structure and method of delivery will have altered.

Intended for:

Being able to think creatively is a really important skill. These Creative Thinking virtual training course materials are aimed at people that need to inject an element of creativity into their role. This could be about coming up with creative solutions to problems posed or as more general development of ideas in the organisation. The lessons learned from these training materials would help those who are relatively new to the requirements of creative thinking, or more seasoned thinkers that want to brush up their skills and learn new techniques.

Training course contents:

By developing the ability to think creatively, we open up the possibility of bringing innovative solutions to the issues we face in the workplace. These creative solutions will help ensure we are constantly adapting to the needs of a fast changing workplace. Bringing new ideas and different ways of working to challenges and helping to further the efforts of the organisation. Where we are able to develop our creative thinking skills, we unlock opportunities and see new potential.

These virtual training course materials give your learners all the tools and techniques they need to apply new thinking to the problems they face in their day-to-day roles.

Why is running this Creative Thinking virtual training course a good idea?

Well, just imagine if your participants were better able to:

  • Define periods where they are at their most creative and take advantage of this time
  • Learn to create a wealth of different ideas and be open to alternative thinking
  • Developing techniques to broaden their thinking and be willing to change their approach to problems
  • Take differing viewpoints to ideas, to seek out alternatives
  • Learn how to work creatively as part of a team or as an individual

Ultimately these virtual training course materials allow you to nurture a workforce that is creative in its problem solving, leading to innovation in the service you provide and any products that you might sell.

Creative thinking is an important aspect of work and we would all benefit from the opportunity to apply tools and techniques that help us to develop this skill. These virtual training course materials will help deliver the approach required to enhance our approach to problem solving in the workplace.

The main content of the virtual training course materials…

Module one

What is creativity?  – A look at convergent and divergent thinking and what it means to be creative. Reviewing a YouTube video that covers the key points and provide insights into the key elements of creative thinking.

Where are you at your most creative? – Creativity occurs at different times and in different places for all of us. If we can spot when this happens and take advantage of the opportunity, we can learn to harness our creative thinking capabilities.

How our brain works – Understanding the workings of our minds and how we process information in order to get the most out of creative thinking.

Module two

The paperclip test  – A fun activity that tests the learners ability to demonstrate creativity.

Convergent thinking – what river am I in? – An activity that demonstrates the tools we can use to adapt to and overcome the shortcuts that our brains often take for us.

Module three

Different roles in creativity – An opportunity to demonstrate some creative approaches and use alternative thinking skills to meet the challenge.

Module four

Mindsets – Using Carol Dweck’s approach to convergent thinking patterns to understand how our mindset can influence our behaviour when considering creative thinking opportunities. A chance to review these thoughts via a YouTube video.

The Marshmallow Challenge – Watching the YouTube video – Build a Tower, Build a Team, which covers different approaches to creative thinking.

The Pizza Hut Challenge – A fun task that brings together all the skills that have been learnt about creativity.

Action planning – Building goals and a plan for personal development.

As with all Trainer Bubble products, this virtual training course is interactive and full of relevant activities.​


At the end of this Creative Thinking Virtual Training Course, your participants will be able to:

  • Identify what being creative means, and explore the differences between divergent and convergent thinking
  • Understand how our brains work, and explore the best “brain state” for creativity
  • Explore the concept of “rivers of thinking” and how small changes can aid the unblocking of creative barriers
  • Discover how playing different roles can improve divergent thinking and creativity
  • Look at ways they can ensure a growth mindset whilst they tackle creative problems​

Creative Thinking – Virtual Training

This training resource will be delivered immediately after checkout.

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