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creative thinking

Creative Thinking

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Duration: 1 Day

Intended for:

These Creative Thinking training course materials have been developed for everyone in your organisation who may struggle with ideas generation. They may not have confidence in their suggestions, or get frustrated if they can’t come up with solutions for challenges on the spot. Alternatively, it might be that high performers want to stretch themselves and find new ways to creatively problem solve, and become innovators within your organisation.

Training course contents:

The traditional office life doesn’t always leave a lot of space for creativity – we have deadlines, projects and meetings all vying for our attention. It sometimes feels easier to do what we’ve always done to ensure we are hitting those KPIs or targets. However, if we can apply creative thinking to our work, we can unlock more meaningful, efficient and exciting results which can alleviate stress personally, whilst positively impacting the bottom line for the company.

With this in mind these training course materials have been designed to equip your participants with the techniques to solve problems creatively in the complex, hectic reality of everyday life.

Why is running this Creative Thinking course a good idea?

Well, just imagine if your participants were better able to:

  • Understand and utilise those times where they are at their most creative
  • Think of many ideas as opposed to being set on one path
  • Manage their mindset; being willing and open to learn and put the effort in
  • Look at creative ideas from all angles
  • Work creatively individually or in a group

Ultimately these training course materials allow you to nurture a workforce that is creative in its problem solving, leading to innovation in the service you provide and any products that you might sell.

Applying creative techniques and becoming more innovative in our thinking is something everyone in business should aspire to. There are practical tools and techniques we can all use to improve how we approach day to day problems and these training course materials will give your learners the ability to do just that.

The main content of the training course materials…

What is creativity?  – A chance to explore what we mean by being creative, and the difference between convergent and divergent thinking. Includes YouTube video.

Where are you at your most creative?  – We all have common places where we have our most creative thoughts, but we may not notice the patterns. A chance for participants to explore this in depth.

How our brain works – Our brains receive an inordinate amount of information each second. Participants will explore this, and the best “brain state” to aid creative thinking.

The paperclip test  – An enjoyable exploration of how much divergent thinking participants possess.

Convergent thinking – what river am I in? – Exploration of just how easy we fall into convergent thinking patterns, and how we can use simple tools to break these.

Different roles in creativity – We need different types of thinking to help us formulate a creative idea – a chance for participant to practice this.

Mindsets – Sometimes, we are stuck in convergent thinking patterns due to our mindset; utilising Carol Dweck’s work, it is a chance to reflect on our own mindsets and how they affect our creativity. Includes YouTube video.

The Marshmallow Challenge – A chance to put together everything participants have learnt in the ultimate creative test! Includes YouTube video.

Action planning – Putting together a plan for future improvement.

As with all Trainer Bubble products, this training course is interactive and full of relevant activities.


At the end of this Creative Thinking Training Course, your participants will be able to:

  • Identify what being creative means, and explore the differences between divergent and convergent thinking
  • Understand how our brains work, and explore the best “brain state” for creativity
  • Explore the concept of “rivers of thinking” and how small changes can aid the unblocking of creative barriers
  • Discover how playing different roles can improve divergent thinking and creativity
  • Look at ways they can ensure a growth mindset whilst they tackle creative problems

Creative Thinking

This training resource will be delivered immediately after checkout.

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