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Dice Game – Free Training Game

Duration: 15 minutes

Intended for:

Use this free training game to help consolidate the key learning points from a training course. The training game could also be used at the beginning of a session to help assess the knowledge of participants.

Training course contents:

The download button at the bottom of this page will give you access to a Word document that contains the instruction you will need to run this training game, this includes…

  • Instructions
  • Example ‘dice game’ activity

Resources Needed – you will need enough dice for each team to have one each. You will also need to divide your subject into six topics and list these on a flip chart or PowerPoint Slide (provided in the download at the bottom of this page).


Arrange participants into teams of four and give each team a dice.

Display your flip chart or PowerPoint slide and explain that each number on the dice relates to a topic related to the programme.

Explain that each member throws the dice in turn. When it is their turn they should speak for 20 seconds on the topic they have thrown.

When they have finished speaking they then pass the dice to another team member who repeats the process. They should keep going until you ask them to stop.

Try to ensure that everyone has at least two goes at the activity. 

Don’t allow the activity to run for more than 10 minutes. 

At the end of the activity call all participants together and ask for two or three key points from the group for each of the six topics.


This training game will help you to consolidate learning during a training course.

Dice Game – Free Training Game


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