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Duration: 1 Day

Intended for:

These training course materials covers the sensitive issue of diversity and is intended for all employees. This training is suitable for any organisation that understands the importance and benefits of having a diverse workforce.

The training will break down the various elements of the legal framework, what is diversity, bullying & harassment, the managers role in protecting individuals and dealing with incidents timely and effectively.

Training course contents:

Diversity is about difference. Essentially, a valuing diversity approach focuses on the positive aspects of the differences between people. It recognises that the different backgrounds, values, attitudes, skills and experiences that people have means that they bring a unique perspective to work issues.

The aim is to create a culture that truly values the diversity of its people, includes them, listens to them, uses their unique qualities and provides opportunities for them to achieve their potential.

This diversity training course sets out to develop the participants understanding of diversity and the possible consequences of ignoring the issue, and in particular to help their awareness of the issues they may face.

The main content of the training course materials…

The Legal Framework – There is an important legal framework of legislation designed to protect people from discrimination, bullying, harassment and victimisation. Here we break this down including the relevant definitions and important points

What is Diversity – Diversity is of immense importance, not just because it is the right thing to do, but because people who feel valued will be more motivated and committed in helping organisations achieve and exceed it’s goals.

Harassment & Bullying – Harassment could be a one off event or series of events and may be perpetrated by an individual or group of people it is defined as any behaviour unwanted by the recipient. Bullying is ‘intimidation on a regular and persistent basis or as a one off, which serves to undermine the competence, effectiveness, confidence and integrity of the person on the receiving end.’

Managers Role – Managers should be aware that they can be personally and vicariously liable for discrimination, bullying and harassment. We will look at Setting Standards, Challenging Behaviours and Supporting Staff

Informal Approach – The Manager has an Informal discussions with the relevant parties should usually cover the nature of the problem, why it is unacceptable and a way forward that is acceptable to both parties (where appropriate)

Legislation – Diversity, the law and the Equality Act 2010

Case Studies – Exercises on Sexual Harassment, a Gay Man & Cultural

Diversity Model – Exercise on the completing your own Diversity Model

Review of Session – Creating an action plan to embed learning.


At the end of this training course your participants will be able to:

  • Promote a culture which, values peoples’ difference, and which challenges any threat to an individual’s dignity and well-being
  • Define diversity, bullying and harassment and understand the effect on victims of such behaviour
  • State their role in challenging inappropriate behaviour and the impact they can have on changing the culture.

Please Note: The legal definitions outlined in this session are based on UK law and although easily adaptable, should be purchased with this in mind.


This training resource will be delivered immediately after checkout.

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