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Effective Customer Care

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Duration: 1 Day

Intended for:

These customer care training course materials are aimed at anyone that deals with customers face-to-face. It could also be easily converted for those that deal with customers over the phone.

Training course contents:

Ready-made Course Materials for Expert Customer Care Training

Positive customer relationships are crucial to survival in today’s competitive marketplace. In fact, the quality of your customer care can sometimes be the only difference between you and your competitors.

Customer care is not just about dealing with upset customers. It’s about creating a positive experience whenever dealing with them. But with customers now less tolerant and more demanding, it’s a huge challenge for us to meet these demands.

Our Effective Customer Care training course will give you all the training materials and knowledge you need to deliver an outstanding course. Participants will learn how to create a stable and rewarding experience that makes customers want to return time and time again.

With our training course materials, your training will provide the following benefits:

  • Improve customer retention.
  • Protect and enhance the organisation’s reputation.
  • Ensure customers leave feeling appreciated and understood.
  • Ensure your staff find customer interaction more rewarding and pleasant.
  • Create positive word of mouth.

All factors that mean loyal and long-term customers. So professional customer care training is an essential element of any organisation’s training programme.

Why use training materials created by Trainer Bubble?

When you’re busy or under pressure at work, you save time and stress by using our ready-made professional training materials.

  • Our materials come with no restrictions: you can edit content, add your company branding and use as many times as you wish.
  • Whether you’re an experienced trainer or nervous first-timer, our training materials give you everything you need to deliver a confident and successful training session: powerpoint slides, workbooks, session plans, activities/exercises and detailed trainer notes are all included.
  • There is no need to wait for delivery. You’ll receive the full course pack in your inbox instantly.
  • With a mix of practical exercises and trainer led material, your attendees will remain engaged throughout, while you take credit for a professional and effective training course.
  • And when budgets are tight but you still need results, Trainer Bubble courses are great value for money. Train a whole team or even a whole company for much less than the cost of sending a single participant on a standard training course.

The main content of the training course materials…

The customer care training course materials will get participants to examine their own thoughts and beliefs and set them on a journey to discover the realities of that thing called, ‘customer care’. 

The Importance of Customer Care – Examining why customer care is important for businesses and the effects of poor customer care. 

What’s in it for me? – Here we look at why customer care should be important for the individual and what poor customer care makes them feel like. 

Customer Perception – How do customers perceive the ‘brand’ of the business? 

Your Customer Brand – Exploring the participants own ‘customer brand’ and the fact that ‘people buy people’. How they are currently perceived by customers and what they can do to change this. 

Transactional Vs Relational – What type of service a customer expects from us and how to change from transactional to relational service. 

Little things make a big difference – Helping participants to realise that the smallest thing can affect a customer’s experience. Identifying what ‘little things’ irritate them as customers and changing these behaviours. 

Spotting the GAPs – What participants can do to improve their current levels of service and how to keep this consistent. 

A Mind Map of Effective Customer Care – Consolidating their learning in a fun way. 

Developing Your Customer Values – What are the values participants should live by in the customer environment. Participants come up with their own values and commit to them. 

What’s in it for me now? – A review of the earlier session with a positive slant. Ending the session on a high. 


By the end of this customer care training course your participants will:

  • Be able to explain the importance of customer care for both them and the customer
  • Have considered how they are perceived by their customers and have a plan of action to improve this
  • Be able to explain the difference between Transactional and Relational customers and how to meet their needs
  • Be able to spot the GAP’s in service and change them
  • Have a written set of values that everyone will follow

Effective Customer Care

This training resource will be delivered immediately after checkout.

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